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Kicking Off the Month at Beit Avi Chai: Elul

Kicking Off the Month at Beit Avi Chai: Elul at 10.08.2010

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Tuesday aug 10th

Beit Avi Chai presents Kicking Off the Month--Elul

Elul: Thorns

Prickly on the outside and soft inside: What do nice Israel-born-and-bred children have to do with Tchernichowsky's evil sabra?

Moderator: Galit Tsabari


Prof. (emeritus) Nurit Govrin, Department of Literature, Tel Aviv University-The Jewish sabra through the prism of Hebrew literature

Botanist Hagar Leshner, manager of the Herbarium of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem-The many thorns in the Israeli summer

Sing-along with Gila Hassid and Uzi Rozenblat

Admission free, but subject to available space



This is a Hebrew-language only event


King George St. 44


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