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Balabasta Festival 2012 in Shuk Machane Yehuda

Balabasta Festival 2012 in Shuk Machane Yehuda at 19.08.2012

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Sunday aug 19th

Machane Yehuda comes to life after hours for the third year in a row as dancers, musicians, sculptors, actors, poets, and those who have yet to be categorized weave in and out of the fresh and colorful produce at the 2012 Balabasta Festival (part of the Jerusalem Season of Culture).  This year, the event will ramp up the musical content (look out for a surprise straight from the market alleys) and larger-than-life art projects undertaken in cooperation with local merchants.


The events will take place on Sundays in August (5, 12, and 19) from 17:00-23:00. 


Literally, "come to the shop-stall", "Balabasta" will transform the market into a centennial carnival of sorts, complete with street performances, a collaborative wall-of-origami project, live video art projections, watermelon giveaways, chili eating contests, concerts, giant puppets, sets from DJs and bands, produce carving workshops and more.

It's a veritable cacophony of music, art and food - with many of the cafes and restaurants staying open late to serve the crowds and culinary tours of the shuk's hottest kitchens. 

Artistic Director and Producer: Kobi Frig and Ido Levitt

Artistic Director, Jerusalem Season of Culture: Itay Mautner

Free Entrance

Photo courtesy of Nir Katzir for Ella Eitan PR.

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