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City of David tours


City of David Tours

in Old City

The City of David has become a must-see attraction for visitors to Jerusalem. This archaeological site (which is daily uncovering further historic finds) was thought to be the seat of Israel's greatest and most famous king, David. Book your City of David tour today to discover the rich heritage of this fascinating part of Jerusalem's history

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City of David Tours

A City of David tour should be at, or at least near the top of any full travel itinerary of Jerusalem. Thought to be the seat of Israel's greatest king, David, the City of David provides a tantalising glimpse of the scale and structure of life in his kingdom. You will find an archaeological marvel on our City of David tour, the result of years of painstaking work - and you can become an integral part of that history.

With options to volunteer to dig and even to sift through finds you can make your mark on a little piece of Jerusalem's history. The City of David tours perfectly combines enjoying the ancient while experiencing the wonders of modern technology. With good old-fashioned walking combined with interactive displays and even the possibility to take a Segway tour of the area, you have a perfect opportunity to experience the way that Jerusalem so successfully manages its role an ancient jewel and a forward-looking, modern city

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