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Jerusalem's landmarks are legendary and are a vital part of the fabric of the city. You can look here to check out the all the wonderful, interesting and exhilirating landmarks that the city has to offer

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Jerusalem Landmarks

Jerusalem is absolutely packed with various landmarks, some more than a thousand years old and other much more modern. For a few years Jerusalem has successfully attempted to blend the highlighting of its magnificent ancient sites with an acknowledgement that it's a modern, forward-thinking city with much to offer besides just the Old City. The landmarks there are magnificent and truly stunning but there are plenty of opportunities to see things outside of this small area.

Iconic buildings and places dot the Jerusalem landscape and are well worth visiting. In addition to churches and monasteries in the hills of Jerusalem, there are landmarks that bear the imprint of the modern state; the Knesset, Supreme Court, the Bridge of Strings at the entrance to the city, the Cardo, hotels such as the American Colony or the King David, the windmill at the entrance to Yemin Moshe and more besides.

Even if you didn't mean to you will stumble upon another fascinating Jeruaslem landmark that can either transport you back to a time long ago in the city's history or will be a nod to the present and even the future

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