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Jerusalem is blessed with some of the finest museums in the country. The city contains so much diversity in terms of culture, religion, art, history and more that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. With a mixture of traditional museum exhibits and entirely modern interactive displays, Jerusalem's museums are a great way to gain a greater understanding of this great city, it's history, culture and people

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Jerusalem Museums Guide

Jerusalem is home to some simply outstanding and internationally renowned museums. There are museums that recall Jerusalem's integral part in the ancient world, such as the Tower of David. It is literally a relic to practically every single conquest of Jersualem, with exposed layers showing how each succeeding army built on the efforts of the last.  A guided tour of this museum helps you to understand Jerusalem's central role in so many of the dramas that have enveloped it through the ages and will give you a deeper appreciation of its importance.

Time however, does not stand still and Jerusalem's other museums are a testament to more modern times. The Menachim Begin Heritage Centre for example has a stunning permanent exhibit which details the life and times of one of Israel's most charismatic (and often divisive) former Prime Ministers.  What is not in doubt is the quality of the production and the end result is truly an impressive one.

Perhaps the most famous museum in all of Israel and not just Jerusalem is Yad Vashem. The main exhibition hall was rededicated in 2005 (having originally been built in the early 1950's) and it is a stunning monument to the horrors of the Holocaust.  It is not an easy place to visit, but the exhibitions are captivating (also incorporating the latest technology), but everything is pulled off with great sensitivity and dignity ensuring that it is another one of those must-see locations

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