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Jerusalem is home to several excellent pizza restaurants. With both kosher and non-kosher eateries (that's important if you want a pepperoni topping for example), there's a pizza joint to suit everybody

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Jerusalem Pizza Restaurants
Jerusalem's Pizza Restaurants reflect a somewhat ambivalent relationship that Jerusalem's locals have with the food. Israelis love pizza and will go to great lengths to find a more than decent slice or a bang on the money pie. There are chain restaurants such as Dominos, which has locations across the city. None of them is kosher, so if you are after a pepperoni pizza then this one of the best (or perhaps only) places to scratch that particular itch.

An Israeli chain which has made it onto the Jerusalem Pizza restaurant scene is Agvania, a Tel Aviv import serving European-style thin-crust pizza. The branches in the city center and a brand new one in the newly opened mall on the Hebron Road are both kosher, which makes the choice of topping limited to vegetables, herbs and more cheeses. Pizza Sababa is a long-established joint on Emek Refaim and is one of those establishments that encourages a fierce loyalty among its clientele. 

Oh, the pizza is pretty good too and comprises the standard Israeli fare in terms of toppings, at least. Chilli's on Hillel Street in the city center is a favorite with young and secular Jersualemites. It's open late so if you avail yourself of other local establishments and have had a 'good night', you'll still be able to pick up a steaming, fresh slice of pie to top off the festivities. Being non-kosher, you can enjoy a selection of meat toppings as well.



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