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Steak Restaurants in Jerusalem


Steak Restaurants

in Yemin-Moshe

The locals of Jerusalem love their meat and enjoys some of the best steak restaurants around them. From quirky and funky locations to sleek and modern, this is your place to start looking for that perfect steak

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Jerusalem Steak Restaurants
Jerusalem's steak restaurants offer a plethora of meat that is a cut above what might be on offer elsewhere. Their prime locations, predominantly in the city center also help to attract the discerning diner. There are both kosher (for example Roza and Rimon Grill) and non-kosher (Iwo Meat Burger) options. Roza has an extensive and competitively priced menu, which includes steaks. It has a bistro-like feel to it and in addition to steak, serves a dizzying aray of dishes with various influences; from Turkish, Arab, Mexican and Middle Eastern. They even serve pasta dishes if not everybody in the party wants to eat meat. 

Cafe Rimon is located just off Ben Yehuda in an impressively scaled complex (it has a totally separate dairy restaurant next door in accordance with religious dietary laws). The meat part of the restaurant has an impressive menu, with steaks being very much a part of that and due to the physical space available can cater for anything from couples to large parties, which might give those couples pause for thought if a quiet, romantic night out was high on the list of their priorities. 

A sign above Iwo Burger on Hillel Street warns potential customers that it is not a restaurant for vegetarians. When you do what you do so well and have been doing it for some time, it helps to know your audience and cater for them.  You can order your burger by weight and being one of a handful of non-kosher establishments in Jerusalem where you can order a cheese-burger.



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