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Middle Eastern Restaurants in Jerusalem


Middle Eastern Restaurants

in East Jerusalem

The Middle Eastern restaurants in Jerusalem are an homage to Jerusalem's prime location in the Middle East itself. Whether you want a felafel, shwarma or sabich, we have picked the right ones for you here

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    Arabesque Restaurant

    Middle Eastern, East Jerusalem
    Louis Vincent St (in the American Colony Hotel).

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Jerusalem Middle Eastern Restaurants
Jerusalem's Middle Eastern restaurants reflect and highlight the various culinary and cultural influences that find their way here. They are located predominantly in the city center and Mahane Yehuda, but Rama's Kitchen in Moshav Nataf and Philadelphia in East Jersualem provide other options. When one thinks of Middle Eastern food, one thinks of pita, hummus, tehina, salads, felafel and aromatic spices (though there are important and subtle regional differences) - and none of Jerusalem's Middle Eastern restaurants disappoint on that front.

Jerusalemites love their food and in particular their falafel, so to be labelled the 'best felafel in town' is to feel like a Knight of the Realm. Yemenite Felafel in the city center is considered in this way and at 12 NIS for felafel in a pita, you can enjoy a meal at a very respectable price. Sima, Shipudei Hagefen and Sami prove that competition is a healthy thing, all being located on Agrippas Street next to Mahane Yehuda. Each serves meats, hearty traditional soups such as kubeh, shawarma and chicken etc. Sima's signature dish is the "me'urav", a mixture of chicken lungs, hearts and various other innards grilled with onions and spices.

Despite these restaurants being a heaven for meat-lovers, as with many eateries there are salad options aplenty for vegetarians (or those who just want a little break from all that meat!)


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