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Italian Restaurants in Jerusalem


Italian Restaurants

in Ein Kerem

Jerusalem is home to some memorable Italian restaurants. From traditional Roman Jewish food to the best examples of simple and elegant Italian cuisine, there is literally something for everybody

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Jerusalem Italian Restaurants

Italian Restaurants in Jerusalem seem to have been overtaken somewhat by the influx of Asian-themed ones, but that is not to say that you can't find sumptuous examples of this delightful cuisine. Jerusalem's Italian Restaurants adhere to the central tenets of any great Italian cooking - it's the produce that counts. With four or five of the freshest products a seemingly simple dish can be made to sing. There is a mixture of both kosher (Holyland Park Cafe and Angelo to name but two) and non-kosher (including Cielo and Paradiso) eastablishments, with locations across the city but concentrated mainly toward the center.

If one of the markers of a good restaurant is how busy it is, then Cielo on Ben Sira must be doing something right. Established more than a decade and a half ago this stylish and unpretentious restaurant keeps the punters flooding back for more. It serves very traditional Italian food; squid, veal, chicken and an assortment of different spaghetti and pasta, a lover of Italian food must dine here at least once.

Cafe Paradiso is less traditional in that it serves Israeli and other European dishes, but it certainly offers pasta and a place for Israelis and tourists to hang out on Shabbat. One of Jerusalem's best known Italian Restaurants is Angelo.  He serves the traditional pizza, pasta and risotto - but its unique selling point is that there are selections of truly Roman Jewish cuisine, the only one of its kind in the city.


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