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French Restaurants in Jerusalem


French Restaurants

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Jersualem is home to many French people and naturally houses some exceptional French restaurants. You will be spoilt for choice when you want to experience the classic French cooking delivered with style, panache and oustanding flavors

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Jerusalem French Restaurants

Jerusalem's French Restaurants are all concentrated in the city center and their appearance refleccts a growing French influence in the city. Each of these restaurants showcases French cooking at it's very best; from Le Regence situated in the grand King David Hotel to Eldad V'Zeoo and Alma. The Chef of Le Regence David Biton is one of the foremost culinary figures, not only in Jerusalem, but on the internationl stage.

The restaurant is a showcase for his passion, imagination and creativity utilising the freshest seasonal and most locally available produce. Eldad V'Zehoo is also an intriguing place. Now under Kosher-supervision (for years it was not), it is still housed in its charming setting in the Finegold Courtyard. The food seems to draw inspiration from the surroundings, a relaxed and warm vibe with traditional French fare the order of the day. All of the city center French Restaurants are geared to the carnivores, with the exception of Dan Hills.

Located in the boutique Harmony Hotel on Yoel Salomon St, this dairy French-Italian restaurant provides a much-needed contrast to all that meat. With savory and sweet crepes, foccacia, pizza and a host of gratins, which are unusual additions to a Jerusalem menu.



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