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Fish Restaurants in Jerusalem


Fish Restaurants

in Yemin-Moshe

Jerusalem is home to some excellent fish restaurants. With the sea just 40 miles to your left, you will be guaranteed delectable examples of a catch-of-the-day; salmon, bass, St. Peter's and many more besides

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Jerusalem Fish Restaurants
Jerusalem's Fish Restaurants make up for a lack in quantity (as in there aren't very many of them) with excpetional quality. With two kosher and two non-kosher versions there is at least some variety that can be enjoyed by those keeping kashrut and those who do not. Both Beni Dagim and Ahavat Hayam take advantage of their proximity to Machane Yehuda and the availability daily of the freshest catch of the day.

Both restaurants are true to their roots and serve their fish as well as ample side dishes with Middle-Eastern inspired flavors and influences.  Blue Dolphin in East Jerusalem and Dolphin Yam in the pedestrianized Ben Shetach Street in the city center provide opportunities for the adventurous to really go to town and sample all the delights of the sea.

Dolphin Yam specializes in fruits de mer, shrimp, calamari and blue lobster whereas the Blue Dolphin would add to this list the much rarer (in Jerusalem at least) crab. For those non-fish eaters there are plenty of other options at all the restaurants, so there is absolutley something for everybody.



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