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It's true that Jerusalem is an ancient city, but that doesn't mean that it lacks a modern buzz and young people who help provide it. It's also a university town, so if parties are your thing then search here for the best way to find out about truly memorable Jerusalem nights

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Parties in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has only recently become somewhat of a parties destination. Although still very much in the shadow of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Jerusalmites have begun to see the potential here as there has been a realisation that there are young people who live, work and study in the city. Headphone parties have become increasingly popular in Jerusalem and have been held at such diverse locations as the Malha Mall, the Israel Museum and the First Station.

If you are in Jerusalem around Purim time (usually March) there are (and this is not an exaggeration) literally tens of parties all around the city. You can dress up in costumes (as that is part of the festival) and really join in the fun.  Mahane Yehuda has also become a centre for street parties (subject to permission from the Municipal Authority). The alleyways and side streets provide a perfect closed-off location for Jerusalemites and visitors alike to mingle, buy some food and really enjoy the party atmosphere. 

Israeli Independence Day, which usually falls in either late April or early May is a great time to be in Jerusalem if you love parties. With parties in the street, clubs, restaurants and bars the only difficulty will be choosing which of them to go!

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