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Indian Restaurants in Jerusalem


Indian Restaurants

in Jerusalem Area

Jerusalem's Indian restaurants reflect an Israeli liking for new and experimental cuisine. Israelis love India and Jerusalemites also take their many style of foods to their hearts, as you can too

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Jerusalem Indian Restaurants

Indian Restaurants in Jersualem are few and far between, which is a surprise considering how alike in certain respects some Indian cooking is to that of the Middle East - lots of rice, lentils and beautiful aromatic spices. It is also a surprise given how many Israelis make their way to India for spiritual enlightenment after their military service.

The Indian restaurants in Jerusalem are run by Israelis and they do not generally, as do other Asian restaurants import local chefs to prepare their food. India is such an enormous place and the food within it so diverse it's hard to say that the fare in Jerusalem's Indian Restaurants is 'standard fare'. There are traditional Indian dishes available such as chickpeas, lentil and potato dips but both Gandi (deliberately misspelled) in the city center and Almora on Moshav Even Sapir also cater for the slightly less robust and adventurous palate with plenty of Middle Eastern staples.


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