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Food events in Jerusalem


Food Events

in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is home to hundreds of food establishments and the city is eagerly tapping into the mature food-culture that already exists here. From events in and around the Old City, special food-related workshops and the recently adopted concept of food trucks, you can find your ideal food-related event here

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Food Events in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has enjoyed a food renaissance in recent years and the diversity of events is truly impressive. Not only is the breadth of food on offer astounding, but also the number of places at which you can partake of it. Having been created in the last few years an annual food event has grown up in the Old City, with each foods that represent each of the four quarters being on offer. It's a great way (through one's stomach) to get a feel for the people of Jerusalem through the food that they eat - and it works. 

Local food is one of the easiest and most important ways that a visitor can familiarize themselves with a place and Jerusalem is no different. There are other food-related events, on Emek Refaim, Derech Beit Lehem and Gaza Street, where all sorts of fare is available. The summer of 2013 saw the appearance of a food truck, which stopped in various Jerusalem neighborhoods and judging by the success of its first outing it would be hard to believe that it would not be making another showing soon.

If you can access an unusual food event is Mimouna, which is the Moroccan Jewish food fest immediately at the end of Passover.  With fried foods galore it's not exactly a slimmer's delight, but it is very very tasty

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