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Papagaio Restaurant

Papagaio Restaurant

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Ah, Brazil. The languorous sway of bossa nova and the punishing thump of baile funk. The bracing kick of cachaça and jittery jolt of guarana. The elaborate acrobatics of capoeira and the towering platters of meat. Most of all, the towering platters of meat. Of all that great Lusophone nation's exports to Israel, nothing trumps the meat.


Brazilian farming traditionally marked each harvest with banquets of bounty, where migrant farm hands would partake to their hearts' content. This "Brazilian table" concept is brought to the Holy City's contemporary dining scene thanks to Papagaio, where meats are rubbed with fragrant spices and slow-roasted on oversized skewers. Operating in Israel since 1996, Papagaio has managed to over-stuff some three million bellies in its first 15 years of operation. The Jerusalem branch, which opened more recently, is located in the Talpiot industrial area, known for its Middle East-style grill houses.


The basic option is a 145 NIS procession of salad, fresh bread and all-you-can-eat meat, which includes and endless procession of sirloin, rotisserie chicken, entrecote, kebabs, chicken wings, choriso sausages and cornish hen morsels. In addition, "Juntos" (literally "together") multi-person combo deals feature platters and sauces, and a variety of lighter business lunches - which include a chicken breast plate, a beer-roasted beef sandwich and a liver salad with date syrup dressing - are available on weekdays from noon to 17:00.


The menu also offers an 140 NIS all-you-can-eat heap of fish and a somewhat out-of-place 85 NIS all-you-can-eat vegetarian feast. You can even broaden your Brazilian experience by watching capoeira troupes elegantly pantomime martial arts. One thing you can't do, though, is bring home a doggie bag.


  • Kosher

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