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Masada and Dead Sea Tour

Welcome to Masada and Dead Sea Tour

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Masada (Massada) Israel Tour - ascend the Masada Fortress - hear about the history and enjoy the breathtaking view


Take a cable car up to the top of Masada


Dead Sea Tour - bath in the Dead Sea - the lowest point in earth



On this daylong tour, you'll make an ear-popping descent from the cosmopolitan bustle of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv into the stark and harshly beautiful wastes of the Judean Desert, popular through the ages among religious ascetics of all stripes and home to the Dead Sea, the world's lowest spot.




First you'll visit Masada, a mesa overlooking the Dead Sea where King Herod built an impressive winter palace, and where more than 900 Jewish men, women and children held out against the Romans in the wake of the Great Jewish Revolt before committing mass suicide in 73 CE just as Roman troops were about to finally break through the fort's walls.


You'll then follow the shoreline of the Dead Sea to the Dead Sea Mineral Beach, where you can slather yourself in the sea's mineral-rich mud (excellent for your skin) and then partake in a grand Israeli tradition: reading a newspaper while floating on your back in the sea's bouyant, salty water.


The desert is extremely hot and extremely bright. Be sure to bring water, a head covering, comfortable shoes, swimsuit, towel and beach sandals.



  • Transportation to and from your hotel.


  • You will be accompanied at all times by a bilingual licensed tour guide who speaks English and a second language.


  • Entrance fee to the Massada National Park and two-way cable car.


  • Entrance fee to the Dead Sea Mineral Beach.


Not included:

  • Meals


Tour runs: Sunday-Saturday


Pick up from the lobby of your hotel as follows:


  • 6:30am Netanya hotels 


  • 7:00am Herzliya hotels 


  • 7:20am Tel Aviv hotels 


Return between 5:00pm - 6:30pm at the hotel pick-up.

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