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Chili's Pizza

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Pizza, although as common in Israel as it is just about everywhere else in the world, can come as something of a disappointment to the pizzaholic foreign visitor; outside of Tel Aviv, it can be difficult to find the pepperoni, sausage and other deliciously forbidden toppings to which most pizza eaters are accustomed.


Enter Chili Pizza, a mainstay of the small area of non-kosher, open-on-Shabbat restaurants around Hillel Street catering to Jerusalem's young and secular public (the area is also home to Iwo Meat Burger, Jachnun Bar, Aroma Espresso Bar and Cafe Focaccia). It's hard to miss Chili due to the crowd of twenty-something Israelis spilling out at all hours, recovering after a night of bar hopping with pizza by the slice. The pies come with a wide variety of toppings, including the traditional American meat selections and more Israeli innovations, like the ubiquitous corn pizza. You can order by the slice or by the pie, and Chili delivers, even on Shabbat.


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