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From Gaza to Berlin Restaurant

חומוס בין עזה לברלין

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The name From Gaza to Berlin is not, as one might expect, some sort of mysterious Israeli nod to a unknown relationship between the conflict-stricken, densely populated strip of land between Israel and Egypt and the capital of Germany (although come to think of it, both Gaza and Berlin have been squabbled over by two major surrounding powers). Instead, in a shining example of Israeli creativity when it comes to appellations, the name refers to the restaurant's location where Aza Road meets Rabbi Chaim Berlin Street in the heart of Rechavia.


Bein Aza L'Berlin is a tiny place with a couple of small tables inside and a couple more under an awning for a semi-cafe experience, and it has two specialties: falafel, which can be ordered to go, and hummus, which cannot. The falafel is a standard affair with a choice of salads to accompany it into its final resting place in a pita, and should you feel the need for hummus, you can choose to spruce it up with gargirim (stewed chickpeas) and fuul (stewed fava beans), or a beitzah kashah, a hardboiled egg cooked to the point of turning brown.

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