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Hashipudia Restaurant

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The Machane Yehuda market is not only the best place in Jerusalem to stock up on fruits, vegetables, meats, spices and all culinary (and non-culinary) needs. The shuk, and the residential areas immediately surrounding it, are also home to some of the best places in Jerusalem to find traditional, homestyle Middle Eastern fare – many of the area's restaurants are famous throughout Israel among the blue collar population.


Located on Ha'armonim Street across from culinary landmark Rachmo is Hashipudia, a restaurant that lives up to its humble name with a wide selection of shipudim, various skewered meats better known in the West as shish kebab. Everything from lamb to turkey testicles is skewer-able, and dishes liberated from skewering range from hummus, fried kubbeh and grape leaves (which should please vegetarians) to platters featuring steaks and me'urav yerushalmi (a Jerusalem specialty dish consisting of chicken offal). Hashipudia's Iraqi laffa bread is baked fresh on-site, complete with a viewing window.

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