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Jachnun Bar

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Jachnun is a difficult dish to explain to the uninitiated. To understand it, you must first understand melawach, a Yemenite pastry common in Israel, roughly analogous to the love child of Greek filo dough and a pancake. To achieve its metamorphosis into jachnun, a circle of melawach is rolled into a cigar shape and put into an oven on low heat overnight (it was a traditional Shabbat morning food for Yemenite Jews), then removed and served up with sides of resek agvaniyot (pureed tomato) and schug (a fiery Yemenite pepper and coriander paste, also known as charif) and a hard-boiled egg.


Aesthetically pleasing it's not, but it is delicious. And thus, Jachnun Bar – a hole in the wall restaurant on Hillel Street specializing in one thing, and one thing only: jachnun. You have some choice of side dishes and drink specials, but it's all about the jachnun here. Come around opening time, which coincides with the start of the lunch hour, for jachnun fresh out the oven. The restaurant is open on Shabbat and delivers – the Shabbat hours render it technically unkosher, but the food is free of both meat and dairy.

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