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Lev Zahav Restaurant

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Occupying a significant portion of the Machane Yehuda market's main aisle toward Agrippas Street, Lev Zahav (Heart of Gold) betrays its loyalties right off with a glass case at the front of the store brimming with skewered meats. Spacious, with both indoor and outdoor seating, Lev Zahav serves up pretty much exactly what you would think: skewered meat, roasted meat, grilled meat and just about every other preparation of meat ever thought up between Casablanca and Baghdad.


But they go above and beyond the call of duty in the Middle Eastern delicacy department, branching out from meat with a variety of traditional dishes like stuffed peppers, grape leaves and the various side dishes Israelis know as salatim. On Friday afternoons, when the shuk has transformed into a full-on pre-Shabbat frenzy, Lev Zahav sets out a long outdoor table and fills it with dozens of banged-up metal pots bubbling with soups, stews and other concoctions, dishing them out to take home by the kilo.

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