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Noya Restaurant

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After countless years of being forced to settle for less - way less - diners who follow the most stringent interpretations of Jewish dietary law are beginning to be spoiled for choice - at least in Jerusalem. Muscling into the small but growing club of kosher restaurants on the Shlomtzion HaMalka Street restaurant row, and the large but growing club of French-sensibility-Mediterranean-flavor gourmet eateries, comes Noya, a beautifully appointed black-and-white moderne bistro ensconced within a venerable Jerusalem stone building.


Inside, it's a lambful affair; while fish, chicken and the ever popular entrecote are given their requisite due, lamb is where the chef's heart seems to truly lie. You can start your meal with an upscale take on lamb shawarma with baladi (Arabic for "local") tomatoes, shallots and lip-smacking purple sumac; and if that's not enough lamb for you, move onto the chops, the sliced leg, the kebab, the risotto or the ravioli. Don't forget to sample from the ample wine cellar or the ambitious dessert menu either. And for lunch, the 65 NIS business meal offers a generously priced two-course lineup.


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