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Primavera Restaurant

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The star of the Leonardo Plaza hotel is Primavera, a kosher l'mehadrin gourmet restaurant on the ground floor specializing, as its name would imply, chiefly in Italian cuisine and the freshest of the fresh in seafood.


But this is no ordinary kosher Italian - chef Shalom Kadosh, one of the leading lights of the Israeli culinary world and veteran of many of Jerusalem's finest kitchens, has been called "the melting pot of the chefs' world" and brought home prizes from multiple international chefs' competitions, and has overseen meals for political luminaries of all stripes, including King Hussein, Francois Mitterand and three former US presidents. Kadosh enlivens Primavera's fare with a dab of French sensibility and a whole lot of Levantine produce, spices and attitude.


The restaurant is softly lit, with blond wood furnishings and flowers on the tables, spacious enough for parties ranging from couples to entire extended families. The menu ranges from simple and homey pastas (four-cheese spinach pasta, cannelloni with spinach and cheese filling, penne with tuna, oregano and rosemary) and fresh fish dishes (sea bream with a yogurt of sumac and za'atar, oven-baked bass in mustard sauce) to slightly avant-garde dishes, like a so-called "orange cappucino" of sweet potatoes and foamed coconut milk.


And should Primavera's bevy of marine options arouse your appetite for the sea's bountry, you can conveniently further indulge it at the Leonardo Plaza's sushi bar.

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday, 18:30 to 23:00

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