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Shanti Restaurant

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Shanty, a well-established trendy restaurant in the heart of Nachalat Shiva, unfortunately has chosen to transliterate its name in English with a "y" at the end, apparently unaware that such a spelling in English conjures to mind falling-down shacks, not the Sanskrit word for "inner peace" that was most likely the actual intent. Don't be misled - Shanty is not a shanty, but is housed in one of the century-old Jerusalem stone houses of the Nachalat Shiva compound in the center of the city.

The bar is stocked with a generous selection of international liquors and wines, and the menu draws its fare from nearly every corner of the globe. Curiously, for a restaurant named after an Indian religious concept, Indian food is about the only cuisine not represented somehow. Your appetizer could be Lebanese, the soup European, and the main course Thai – but everything is prepared with panache and flavor, minimizing the chances of culinary culture shock. In warmer months, you can dine in classic Jerusalem style at a table outside in the courtyard.

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