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Situated in the heart of the historic Nachalat Shiva quarter, Gourmet brings authentic French fare with a Parisian pedigree to the Holy City's dining scene. The restaurant's owners are French restaurateurs, and their family recipes and exacting culinary standards have been transported intact from the Fourth Arrondissement direct to downtown Jerusalem.


The setting, amidst the venerable stone arches of Nachalat Shiva, exudes the romance and history of two great capitals, and Mehadrin min ha-Mehadrin certification from Badatz Beit Yosef promises the strictest adherence to Jewish dietary law. A delectable and varied meat menu offers the finest in meats, including prime rib, entrecote and other steaks and several impressive lamb dishes. Unforgettable fish selections include salmon filet with Hollandaise, sea bream with caramelized vegetables and a connoisseur-worthy sea bass. As befits a restaurant with Parisian roots, the desserts are nothing to scoff at: caramelized citrus fruit ravioli; a chocoholic's delight of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and phyllo called simply Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate; and basboussa, a Mediterranean semolina cake. Flash Animation

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