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Le Regence Restaurant

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The King David Hotel stands on the street that bears its name as a testament to the long-gone era of the British Mandate for Palestine, when Christians, Arabs and Jews jockeyed for control of the city. Then, the hotel's bar could hold all at once a group of British officers, a bartender secretly spying for the Irgun and an Arab waiter working for the Arab nationalist groups. The murky political atmosphere has mostly vanished, replaced instead by an endless series of politicians, diplomats and celebrities, but the King David still carries on as if it were the center of all happenings in the Holy City.


Adding to its high-class veneer is Le Regence, the main house restaurant and one of the only kosher restaurants in the world that has attracted favorable attention from Europe's gourmand tastemakers. The restaurant specializes in French and Continental cuisines, expertly prepared with an emphasis on using the region's local tastes and flavors. In an interesting historical aside, Le Regence was where the Irgun placed their bombs, hidden in milk churns, to blow up the British military headquarters housed in the King David in 1946.

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