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Maoz Falafel

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Maoz Falafel, a diminutive landmark of the Jerusalem falafel scene on King George Street, hearkens back to an earlier time in the golden city, a time before Jerusalem's residents and tourists were spoiled by choice, a time when your lunchtime options were just about limited to hummus at a workingman's restaurant, or a falafel or shwarma at Maoz.


Now of course you can fill your food jones in Jerusalem with everything from upscale French to Thai-on-a-baguette, but Maoz Falafel soldiers on. Why? Because each one of those falafel balls is deep-fried in history, that's why. Don't expect anything fancy; the choice of accompanying salads is standard (hummus, cucumber and tomato salad, pickles, cabbage, charif and techina) and the tiny falafel balls have been bested by later falafel stands, but again, it's a landmark. And there is a school of people who swear by Maoz's shwarma. Prices are comparable to the competition.

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