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Visitors to central Jerusalem's Meah She'arim district might forget that they're in Israel, or in the Middle East at all – the neighborhood's intensely private and pious residents have nearly recreated the kind of Jewish religious life that once flourished in the cities and shtetls of Eastern Europe before the Holocaust.


Meah She'arim is one of the few places in the world where you'll hear Yiddish spoken on the streets, and that steadfast devotion to a bygone era of Jewish history manifests itself in food as well. Deutsch, a popular eatery on Meah She'arim Street, specializes in Ashkenazi (European Jewish) soul food: kishke, liver, various forms of chicken and more, all swimming in oceans of schmaltz and onions. Side dishes include kugel (noodle casserole) and tzimmes (sweet carrots). Incidentally, this restaurant is essentially men-only, as Meah She'arim's ultra-Orthodox Jews do not take kindly to unnecessary intermingling of the sexes.


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