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Heimeshe Essen Restaurant

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The name really says it all: Heimishe Essen. That's Yiddish for "homestyle food," or, less literally and more aptly, "soul food." Because that's Heimishe Essen's stock-in-trade: Ashkenazi (European Jewish) soul food, the kind your bubbe used to make: whitefish, all kinds of chicken, tzimmes (sweet stewed carrots), chicken soup, chopped liver, kugel (sweet or spicy baked noodle casserole), and of course, that most traditionally Ashkenazi of foods, the famed gefilte fish.


Laden with schmaltz (fat) and spiced pretty much only by salt and onions, this is not food for the health conscious, vegetarians or those with excessively refined palates, but it sits in your stomach with the weight of 2,000 years of the European Diaspora (in a good way, that is). If you're hungry after a plate full of heimishe roasted chicken, you're insatiable. The restaurant itself is cafeteria-style: squeeze in, wait in line, and make your choice of artery-clogging fare from a couple dozen silver trays. Takeout, of course, is available, if you want to make it an old country Shabbat.


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