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For reasons not entirely clear, especially given Israelis' love of all things Thai, Indian and otherwise Far Eastern, Chinese food has never made much of a showing in the Holy Land. Even rising American immigration (American Jews having a notorious affection for Chinese food) hasn't helped – you may be able to get everything from sushi to focaccia in most of Israel's cities, but good luck finding lo mein.


But downtown Jerusalem is home to one true Chinese restaurant, a restaurant that's been around long enough to have the distinction of being one of the first West Jerusalem restaurants to serve pork and shrimp: Mandarin. On the upper floor of the building occupying the corner of Shlomtzion Hamalka and Hasoreg streets, Mandarin specializes in multi-regional Chinese cuisine, from either an a la carte or set menu. Meats include beef, pork, veal, fish and seafood, with vegetarian options as well, and plenty of choices for noodle junkies.

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