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Segway Jerusalem: The oldest and largest Segway company in Jerusalem, with over 20,000 satisfied customers yearly.


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Segway Jerusalem invites you to float on the vehicle of the future while you take in the past, to breath mountain air as clear as wine, and enjoy Jerusalem stories on the country's longest and most beautiful path, on a panoramic tour of Jerusalem.


Segway Jerusalem, developed in 2008 by licensed Israeli tour guide and third generation Jerusalemite Assaf Polivoda, offers you an opportunity to tour Jerusalem in style on an unforgettable two hour Segway ride among the breathtaking sites and scenery of one of the most unique and illustrious cities in the world.


Segway Jersualem's guided segway tour is a winning combination of fresh mountain air and the scent of pine trees, and fascinating explanations about the religious, historical and cultural aspects of Jerusalem.


Tour Route:


The tour will take you to two beautiful observation posts. The first stop overlooks the Old City and its walls, the Jewish Quarter, the Temple Mount, as well as the Kidron river, Mount Scopus, and many other sites. The second outlook reveals a beautiful and panoramic view of desert scenery, including the Judean dessert, the Dead Sea, and the Jordan Mountains.



General Information:


All members of Segway Jerusalem staff are all professionally trained, experienced tour guides. The tours begin with a training session, and the company employs the new cutting edge Segway fleet (I2 model), which responds to body movement alone, making for a minimal learning curve and an easy, fun, and safe experience.


For safety, participants should be between the ages of 16-65 and weigh between 100 and 270 pounds (45 to 120 kilos). Segway rides are unsuitable for pregnant women.

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City tour of Yemin Moshe, Mishkenot Shaananim and The Old City of Jerusalem
Our tour starts at the new and exclusive commercial plaza - The First Station. We will continue towards the city's hotel Blvd. which includes The Inbal Hotel, The historic King David Hotel, Mamilla, David citadel and the upcoming Woldorf Astoria. We will glide towards The Jaffa Gate while riding alongside the Mamilla mall and enter The Old City through The New gate.  The magical setting of the alleys in The Christian Quarter will take you back in time to the middle ages and we will end up at the base of the magnificent Tower of David.
From there we will travel through the city's most beautiful and prestigious neighborhoods of Yemin Moshe and Mishkenot Shaananim. Before we complete our tour we will take a short break at a breathtaking lookout of East Jerusalem and the Old City wall's. From the lookout point we will roll back to our starting point- The First Station
This unique segway tour will introduce one of the most diverse cities in the world. We will encounter the West and East, the ancient and modern, and all three religions that made Jerusalem their home over the years.  All this is done while gliding on the amazing I2 segway.
The tour is escorted with top of the line tour guides who will enrich your tour with fascinating explanations and captivating stories.
The tour is suitable for customers between the ages of 16-70 and not for pregnant women. 

The Jerusalem Tourism Map:

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