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Ramat Eshkol

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Located in northern Jerusalem near Mount Scopus and French Hill, Ramat Eshkol is a fast-growing ultra-Orthodox community. At a remove from the city center, this quiet neighborhood is reminiscent of a suburb in the heart of Jerusalem. One of the newer neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Ramat Eshkol was established in 1968, shortly after the Six Day War. The site of the neighborhood was once a battleground for warfare between Israel and Jordan.


Land mines still remained in some areas, which were cleared by Israel Levitt of the IDF Engineering Corps. An architect, Levitt would also go on to design the first buildings in the neighborhood. It began with the construction of Eshkol Boulevard, named for Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol. When the first inhabitants of Ramat Eshkol moved into the neighborhood in 1970, there were no roads or bus service. The first synagogue was an air raid shelter. Today, Ramat Eshkol has come a long way from its primitive roots. This peaceful neighborhood with mostly new buildings is now the site of rising property prices. While the population of Ramat Eshkol was once predominantly secular, in recent years it has become increasingly ultra-Orthodox. The high property prices have limited most purchases to buyers from overseas.

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