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Har Hotzvim

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It's no secret that the fast-paced world of hi-tech companies has a hub in Israel, and that scientific and technological breakthroughs are all in a day's work here in the Holy Land. Israel's technological hubs are divided into several centers across the country. In Jerusalem, the hi-tech hub is the industrial park of Har Hotzvim, where many of the top companies in Israel have office locations. Because Jerusalem is a religious city, many people who work in Har Hotzvim are Modern Orthodox Jews. Har Hotzvim industrial park is one of the largest and most central hi-tech hubs in the country.


Some of most prestigious Israeli hi-tech companies have locations in Har Hotzvim. Some of the companies headquartered in Har Hotzvim possess reputations that are international in scale, such as Intel, Teva, AVX, Amdocs, NDS, Rad Communication, and several others. But Har Hotzvim is not only home to large companies, rather it also consists of almost 100 small and medium-sized hi-tech companies, as well as a technological incubator. In order to provide a convenient commute for the many people who work in Har Hotzvim, the industrial park is located close to the main transportation arteries of central Jerusalem. This centralized location allows for convenient access for both city residents and commuters.

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