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In addition to being one of the biggest neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Ramot (Hebrew for "heights") is also one of the most diverse. The six sections of Ramot differ wildly from one another, just as the 40,000 people who live there come from a wide variety of backgrounds. What they share is the panoramic view, because Ramot was built hundreds of meters above sea level. Ramot is one of the newer Jerusalem neighborhoods, as construction first began in the 1970s. The different sections of Ramot were built by different architects and for differing purposes. Ramot Aleph (or Ramot One) was built for families of moderate income. The result is an area of attached, tiered apartment buildings, which together resemble a giant beehive.


Residents of these apartments tend to be Orthodox Jews with large families, even though the apartments themselves are not that big. In sharp contrast, Ramot Bet (Ramot Two) boasts rows of spacious private homes. Living in a private house, and in particular an unattached house, is a luxury in Jerusalem, where the majority of people live in apartments. Ramot Bet is therefore known as a prosperous neighborhood, populated mainly with a mix of Modern Orthodox and secular Jews. Many English-speaking immigrants choose to live in Ramot Bet, since the lifestyle is similar to that which they left behind. The remaining four neighborhoods of Ramot present variations of the spectrum between these two extremes. Ramot Six, for example, is comprised of private homes, but most of these are attached and not as large as the houses in Ramot Bet.

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