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This southeastern region of Jerusalem is by no means a tourist site, but is an integral part of daily life for residents of the Holy City. Talpiot is a bewildering mix of industrial zone, nightlife hub, and family homes. There is no quick and easy definition of Talpiot: here many elements of the city reside in an unusual and occasionally uneasy combination. While Talpiot isn't generally known as a center of culture, it's actually the home of some the city's most essential cultural venues. The Rav Chen movie theater-situated in the mall of the same name-shows films that are often unavailable anywhere else in Jerusalem. But for an even purer distillation of culture, there is the Yellow Submarine, one of the most prestigious performance spaces for musical events in the city.


Performers at the Yellow Submarine range from the most famous to the most obscure Israeli vocal artists-and often features artists from overseas. Nightclubs in Talpiot can have more of an edge than clubs elsewhere, as if the vacant industrial zones encourage blasting music at all hours of the night. For most city residents, Talpiot is best known for its shopping. Here are many of the discount outlets and bargain stores. Those wishing to spend less on furniture often seek out stores in Talpiot, which are cheaper by far than the posh interior decorating stores in the city center. A mall to rival Gilo's Malcha Mall was opened in Talpiot-Canion Hadar, which is smaller but also less harried than Malcha. Talpiot is a prime location for business offices and even specialty schools. While it may not be scenic, the raw lifeblood of Jerusalem pulses here, in an unadulterated stream of commerce, culture and urban chic.

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