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Rabbi Kook Museum

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Israel, while a Jewish state, is also somewhat a state of Jewish division – secular, religious and nationalist. One of Israel's great historical figures is Harav Abraham Issac Kook (1865-1935). Rav Kook, as he is also known, built bridges between religious and secular leaders, with a vision that all Jews in Israel had something to offer. Rav Kook House is the one-time apartment of Rav Kook.


On a trip inside, visitors see the house as it functioned for the great rabbi long ago. There is a synagogue, a mikva (ritual bath), a residence and documentation center. Religious subjects are taught on-site for those who wish to connect to the departed Rav and experience his teachings. The house is located between Nachalat Shiva and Mea Shearim, fitting as the two neighborhoods that are an easy walk from one another represent both the religious and secular elements that Jerusalem has to offer and in which the Rav saw so much potential.

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Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday 9:00 to 15:00; Friday 9:00 to 12:00

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