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Mount Zion Hotel

Mount Zion Hotel

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Perched above the Old City, the Mount Zion Hotel offers world-class lodging with exquisite Middle Eastern design, further distinguished by unforgettable views of some of Jerusalem's best-known landmarks.


Mount Zion Hotel takes its name not from its location, but from the view it offers from its rooms: the peak of Mount Zion, the walls of the Old City and the deep Valley of Hinnom. The historic building was originally erected in 1882 during the waning days of Ottoman Jerusalem, serving as the Hospital of St. John until 1948. 


During Israel's War of Independence, the population of the Old City's Jewish Quarter, under siege by the Jordanian Army, used a secret cable car (which can still be visited today) to ferry food and supplies from a room inside the hotel to the beleaguered fighters and residents inside the Old City walls.


Today, nothing quite so dramatic goes on at the hotel, but it still boasts one of the most advantageous locations in the city. With a location on historic Derech Hebron, the hotel is within easy walking distance of Liberty Bell Park, the Old Train Station, the Ma'abada Theater, the Begin Center, Cinematheque art movie house and a small strip of quality restaurants.


The interior, decorated with artful Middle Eastern flourishes, is a sight to behold, and the expansive gardens occupying the slops beneath the hotel frequently serve as a venue for weddings, made all the more poignant by the impressive views of the Old City, Yemin Moshe and the titular Mount Zion.

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Choose this hotel if

You want to be mere steps away from the Old City

You want to be spoiled by a full spa and health club on the premises

You'd like to experience one of Jerusalem's only authentic hammams (Middle Eastern steam baths)

You relish commanding views of the Old City, Mount Zion and the striking Valley of Hinnom

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