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Beit Avi Chai

Kicking off the New Month - The Month of Sivan: The Wedding Season at 29.05.2014, 20:00

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Thursday may 29th

Kicking off the New Month: The Month of Sivan: The Wedding Season

At the beginning of the month of Sivan, as the counting of the Omer comes to an end and the wedding season begins, we will question what brings Israelis to weddings and the way in which our wedding dress and customs depicts us. 

Thursday, May 29, 8:00 PM

Facilitator: Prof. Avigdor Shinan

With: Ayala Raz, historian and fashion researcher – the Israeli wedding dress on the psychologist’s couch

Dr. Orit Abuhav, Head of the Department for Social Policy and Leadership, The School of Government and Social Policy, Beit Berl College – gifts at the Israeli wedding

A sing-along with: Yehuda Greenbaum Entrance is free, subject to availability.  Tickets may be reserved in advanced.

The event will be broadcast live on the BEIT AVI CHAI website

This is a Hebrew-language only event.


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