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Beit Avi Chai

Wherever you go, I will go: Contemporary readings in the Book of Ruth at 02.06.2014

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Monday jun 2nd

"Wherever you go, I will go": Contemporary readings in the Book of Ruth


Many interpretations have been written on the Book of Ruth, a story that raises questions about love, faithfulness, feminism, the relation to the other and social justice.

In this series we will attempt to present additional perspectives that will help us understand why the story of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz is so beloved.

First Session: Ruth in the Arts

Monday, May 12, 8:00 PM
Dr. Gideon Efrat, Israeli art historian Entrance is free, subject to availability.  Tickets may be reserved in advanced.


Second Session: What really happened in the granary?

MK Merav Michaeli in a discussion on love, commitment and survival in the Book of Ruth

Monday, May 19, 8:00 PM


Third Session: A Situation Report

Ruth and Naomi in modern photography, with the photographer Adi Nes, graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Monday, May 26, 8:00 PM


Forth Session: The Book of Ruth and Naomi – Salvation after Despair

Prof. Uriel Simon, Biblical Studies Department, Bar-Ilan University

Monday, June 2, 8:00 PM


This is a Hebrew-language only event.


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