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Beit Avi Chai venue

Beit Avi Chai

Shavuot at Beit Avi Chai at 03.06.2014

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Tuesday jun 3rd

Shavuot at BEIT AVI CHAI

Tuesday | Dawn of 6 Sivan | June 3 | 11:00pm-4:00am

An evening of study, discussion and presentations focusing on the topic of time.

What is "Jewish time"? How does it differ from others? How does philosophy and science fiction experience the passage of time? What is the role of time in music? How does Israeli society define and make use of time? How can time be most effectively spent?

To discuss this and more: Galia Albin | Prof. Rachel Elior | Bilha Ben Eliyahu | Prof. Avraham Grossman | Prof. Moshe Halbertal | Dr. Aviva Zornberg | Rabbi Benny Lau | Dr. Uri Lashman | Omir Morag | Doron Fishler | Prof. James Kugel | and the Kalabat Shabbat Ensemble during breaks. 

Learning program for youth

A new program targeting Jerusalem youth will take place simultaneously at BEIT AVI CHAI. Led by young lecturers and facilitated by the BEIT AVI CHAI “Achshav Torenu” ["Now it’s Our Turn"] Beit Midrash participants.

Now is the Time to Awaken – Shavuot for Youth

An experiential night in collaboration with the Municipality’s Youth Council


Entrance is free, subject to availability

The full program will be advertised in newspapers, on the BEIT AVI CHAI website and our online magazine.

This is a Hebrew-language only event.


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