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Jerusalem Theatre

Chava Alberstein in Jerusalem at 27.03.2014, 20:30

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Thursday mar 27th

Chava Alberstein in Jerusalem

March 27, Thursday, 20:30, 

Rebbeca Crown, Jerusalem Theater


WELCOME is Chava Alberstein's recent album, released on March 15, 2010.

The album includes 16 songs, some were composed and written by Chava and some are the fruit of collaboration with a fascinating range of creators, of different styles: melodies by Yossi Huri and Yehudit Ravitz, texts by Shanen Street, Yankale Rotblit, Ariel Horowitz, and the poets Sabina Masag and Shlomo Tanai.

The album's music includes almost all musical styles with which Chava dealt during the years – folk, rock, jazz, and what is generally referred to as Israeli music.


The musicians who took part in the recordings of the album are among Chava's crew during the recent years: Ovad Efrat processed and produced, Eran Vitz played guitars of all types, Avi Agabeba hit on whatever was bought to the studion, nd a dear guest, Adi Renrat on the keyboard.


In the upcoming summer's concert Chava will incorporate old songs as well as new.

Alongside Chava, the familiar crew will be on stage:

Ovad Efrat – processing and acoustic guitar

Avi Agabeba – percussion instruments

Eran Vitz - guitars


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