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Israeli Readings: The Literature of the Ancient Land of Israel at 09.01.2014, 20:00

Beit Avi Chai EVENTS - 2

Thursday jan 9th

Beit Avi Chai presents "Israeli Readings": Study of the Literature of the Ancient Land of Israel: Legend and Prayer, Liturgical Poetry and Interpretation


Lecturer: Prof. Avigdor Shinan


During the series of 4 sessions we will be introduced to the cultural heritage of the ancient Land of Israel, and learn about the differences between it and that which is customary today in prayer, interpretation and Midrash.


From the second century and more particularly from the fifth century, the cultural centre of the Land of Israel gave way to the flourishing new centre in Babylon.


At the end of the long process, the hegemony remained in the hands of the Babylonian exiles and their followers, and their influence is recognized to this day in the liturgical poems of the Land of Israel which disappeared in Babylon, in the Babylonian Talmud which overcame its Jerusalem brother, and in the prayer book and the order of reading the Torah, which are also Babylonian in their nature.


First session: What are Legend and Midrash?

Thursday ǀ 9.1 ǀ 8:00 PM


Second session: How does the Prayer of Israel Differ from the Babylonian Prayer?

Thursday ǀ 16.1 | 8:00 PM


Third session: Where did the Israeli Piyutim go?

Thursday ǀ 23.1 ǀ 8:00 PM


Fourth session: What Happened to the Hebrew Biblical Text upon its Translation into the Language of the People?

Thursday | 6.2 ǀ 8:00 PM


Admission free, tickets may be booked in advance.


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