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Beit Avi Chai venue

Beit Avi Chai

Chanukah at Beit Avi Chai at 24.12.2014

Until 24.12.2014


“Light it Forward” – a Hanukkah event for children at BEIT AVI CHAI with a show, many activities and surprises

“Light it Forward” is a special Hanukkah event for children that will take place at BEIT AVI CHAI to promote awareness of our power to increase goodness and to bring light to our world.


At the program, children will enjoy a performance of “Mika’s flashlight,” a play that deals with our ability to help and to shine light into the lives of others. Children will also enjoy activity stations that include helping an absent-minded sculptor complete his environmental monument; assisting a frustrated photographer to distinguish between light and dark; and enabling Mattityahu the Hasmonean relate his own story and become acquainted with culture heroes.


Children will also receive a play kit and a flashlight so they can continue their assignments at home, as well as other surprises.

Additionally, children and their parents will get to enjoy the “Who is a Hero?” caricature exhibition on display at BEIT AVI CHAI.

The idea behind the children’s Hanukkah event at BEIT AVI CHAI is to experience what it feels like helping and assisting others – even people who are unfamiliar to us, thereby bringing light to the world through the message of Hannukah, working for the greater good of our community and environment, and making the world—and humanity—a happier place.


As mentioned, the “Who is a Hero?” exhibition, based on caricatures of Israeli culture heroes, will be on display at BEIT AVI CHAI on the days the Hanukkah activities take place. Entrance to the exhibition is free.


The event is for children ages 5-9 and will take place from Sunday-Tuesday, December 21-23, in two sessions: 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM.
Tickets: 30 shekels for one child, two for 50 shekels. Entrance is free for accompanying adult.
Limited number of places; we strongly recommend reserving tickets in advance.
Please visit for further details.


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