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The American Colony Hotel

The American Colony Hotel

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This historic hotel, famous worldwide and an integral part of Jerusalem's history and culture, lies in the heart of Jerusalem, offering convenient access to Jerusalem's many sights and an easy ten minute walk to the beautiful Old City.


Boasting 92 guestrooms, The American Colony Hotel offers every amenity required by the discerning world traveler, including complimentary broadband Internet access throughout. Distinguished by classic Middle Eastern architectural flourishes, including Arabian arches, elaborate furnishings and opulent suites, The American Colony is an elegant boutique hotel that prides itself on offering guests an alluring "East meets West" experience in peaceful and romantic surroundings. With verdant gardens, world-class dining, thrilling theme-night entertainment offerings and quintessential style, the American Colony has a well-earned reputation for providing new and returning guests of all ages with an unforgettable experience.


A wall in the hotel lobby set aside for signatures of the hotel's many famed guests, including: Sir Winston Churchill, Lawrence of Arabia, Mikhail Gorbachev, Lord Allenby, Richard Gere, Jane Fonda, Robert De Niro, Bob Dylan, Giorgio Armani, Sir Ben Kingsley, Natalie Portman and others.


The American Colony Hotel is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World.


The Hotel has won many awards in the last decade, including: Condé Nast Traveler - Best Hotel in the Middle East; Condé Nast Gold List; Relais & Châteaux Passion Trophy Award.




The American Colony's story begins in the latter years of nineteenth century, when the Chicago-based Spafford family joined with sixteen members of their church community and voyaged together to Jerusalem to found a utopian religious commune, living a humble life of faith in a small house in the Old City.


In 1894, the American presence was bolstered by the arrival of seventy Swedes, with another fifty arriving two years later. The strengthened group of settlers now needed more spacious accommodations. The place they settled upon began life as an opulent palace for an Ottoman pasha and his four wives - a palace that would soon become the nucleus of The American Colony Hotel.


The foundations of the American Colony Hotel were laid in 1902, when Jaffa-based English hotelier Baron Ustinov (grandfather of actor Sir Peter Ustinov), finding the Turkish inns of the time unacceptable, realized Jerusalem lacked suitable lodgings for his English and American guests, and arranged for them to stay in the airy rooms of the American Colony. Before long, the American Colony emerged as the preferred venue for Western travelers and pilgrims whose expectations for high standards of luxury and service were not met by the establishments then present in Jerusalem.

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Choose this hotel if

You want to be within easy walking distance of the Old City

You value an unmatchable glimpse of a bygone era of Jerusalem history

You want to be close to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the bustling Salah Ad-Din Street, and the artsy Musrara neighborhood

You'd like your choice of meals and drinks at several world-class restaurants and bars without having to leave the hotel

You need free wireless Internet access

Keep in mind

Booking your hotel room with entitles you a host of money-saving benefits designed to maximize your enjoyment of your stay in Jerusalem. Your benefits include:


  • Free gift packets, including our useful maps and our quarterly guide book. 


  • Free use of our phone-based concierge service for real-time advice from staff experts for the duration of the visit. 


  • Exclusive discounts on the top tours and attractions in Jerusalem and all of Israel. And more!

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Indulge yourself in our seasonal outdoor Summer Bar, which features a brand new menu, offering a variety of mouthwatering pizzas & focaccias prepared in our wood-fired stone tabun oven, together with a selection of exotic cocktails & barbecue dishes served at the tranquil atmosphere of our evergreen garden.
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