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Africa: Dudu Balilti's Solo Exhibition at Colony at 31.03.2014

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Until 19.04.2014

Colony presents "Africa": an exhibit of artist and musician Dudu Balilti's paintings.

Opens March 19, 2014 at 20:00

Artist statement: 

My art work is mainly influenced by music. I find my artistic inspiration in rhythm, sound and  movement.

In my work I give expression to emotions. In my opinion feelings should be expressed in a spontaneous matter and right on the spot of appearance. My art aspires to show, in a visual way, how my soul and mind see the world. Being influenced by music, motives of musical instruments and rhythm are common in my paintings. 

My life as a musician has a strong affect on my art work. The instability of my daily life, insecurities that follow the artistic process and fame that comes and goes in a flash. All these create movement on canvas and the presence and force within my paintings. 

In contrast to music, painting is being done when I’m in solitude. In my lonesomeness, art that is not expressed in my music comes out into being. 

I feel my art is important since it reflects everything that happens around us, domestically and globally. Being performed in its spontaneous way it gives a look inside the being of an Israeli artist. 


I was born in 1971 in Jerusalem Israel to a family of artist and musicians. 

My father made a living as an artist all his life and music was a constant presence in our household. 

Growing up like that I instantly and automatically started to create and have an artistic expression mainly through playing the percussion. I started performing music at age 17. 

At 18 I joined the army servicing as a producer in the radio station “Galey Tzhal” producing radio shows for soldiers. 

After the army, at age 21 I arrived to Berlin and from there continued to London where I have lived for 5 years. 

I preformed my music all over the world, cooperating with talented artist such as: Dizzi Gilespey, Kirck Latsey, Jerry Gonzales, the Algerian pianist Moris el-maduni, Alfa Blondy and more. 

I have also created and still producing the band Sound of the Ground which specializes in north African music and afro-jazz. 

Recently I decided drawing new paintings and publish them all, since than I find myself painting every free moment I have. 

My most recent artwork has already been shown in Israel in small galleries and in a local gallery in London. 


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