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Merom Golan and Quneitra Valley Jeep tour

Merom Golan and Quneitra Valley Jeep tour - 2


  • Merom Golan and Quneitra Valley Jeep tour - 2
  • Merom Golan and Quneitra Valley Jeep tour - 1

Kibbutz Merom Golan in the northern Golan Heights is the starting point for this tour, from where an unforgettable day of adventure awaits.


You'll exit through the back gate of the kibbutz and cross the Quneitra Valley on a winding road that passes through lush apple and cherry orchards. 


From there, you'll climb to one of the close-by volcanic peaks for a panoramic view of Syria, including Quneitra, the capital city of the Syrian part of the Golan. With a relaxing hot drink in hand, you'll learn about the geopolitical nature of the region, as well as the pressing issues of water and the Golan settlements, after which we descend to a border post where Israeli soldiers face Syrian soldiers on the other side. 


At this point we end the tour with the return to your car or bus. This jeep tour, with its focus on the history and flora and fauna of the region is suitable for the whole family. 

  • An unforgettable day of adventure


  • Explore the Golan


  • Cross the Quneitra Valley by jeep


  • See the sites of Israel's 1967 war with Syria


  • Hear about the Golan's history from your knowledgeable guide


  • 7-8 people per jeep


  • All our jeeps are equipped with good quality drinking water.


  • We also serve herb tea and cookies, as well as watermelons/cherries or other available seasonal fruit or other snacks.


Kibbutz Merom Golan (Golan Heights).

Additional information

All the jeep routes are feasible throughout the year. However, at the peak of the winter season (November-January) we may encounter foggy days in the northern Golan Heights.
Should this occur, we will recommend switching the route to the western slopes of the Golan Heights

Our jeeps carry 7-8 passengers depending on the jeep model) plus driver.

Should there be more passengers, another jeep will be required.

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