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Masada sunrise Tour

Masada sunrise Tour - 5


  • Masada sunrise Tour - 5
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  • 3:30am - Pick up from Abraham Hostel
  • 3:45am - Pick up at Jaffa Gate (Carta parking lot)

Ascending Masada's Snake Path in the pre-dawn darkness is a quintessential Israel experience. Coordinated correctly, you can catch a sublime sunrise over Jordan and the Dead Sea, explore the Herodian fortress's antiquities and spend the rest of the day enjoying the Dead Sea region's many attractions.




We invite you to skip the logistical worries and simply enjoy a private tour of Masada at dawn. Groups of up to seven people can sign on for this tour, which departs Jerusalem at 4:00 and arrives at Masada in time to hike to the top by daybreak. Once there, continue with an interactive guided experience at this Second Temple-era fortress, tracing its history from a king's palace to an encampment for Jews fighting to cling to their lands and way of life.



Descend Masada in a cable car to enjoy more spectacular views of the Dead Sea, and continue touring the region. Jump into the rich history and archaeology of this area with the help of your guide, certified by Israel's Ministry of Tourism.




Tour stops can be customized to fit the specific interests of your group. Visits may include


  • The Masada Museum
  • Kibbutz Ein Gedi and its botanical gardens
  • The trails, falls and wildlife of the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
  • A float in Dead Sea
  • Treatments at a Dead Sea spa hotel
  • The caves at Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were first discovered
  • The Ahava cosmetics factory.


The tour makes for a full day, packed with adventure and lasting 10 to 12 hours (depending on the selected itinerary).




If time allows, additional stops can be made to see St. John's monastery in the Judean desert, the mosaics at the Inn of the Good Samaritan near Kfar Adumim, and Jerusalem's Mount of Olives.




The cost of the tour includes transportation to and from Jerusalem for one to seven participants and the guide. Additional fees depend on the chosen stops.



  • Transport to all sites



Davidka Square, 67 Ha'Neviim street

Carta Parking Lot (Yitzhak Kariv St, next to Mamilla Mall and Jaffa Gate)




Damascus Gate / Abraham Hostel

Estimated time of arrival back in Jerusalem is 2:30pm.

Additional information

  • The tour is self-guided: it includes full transportation and printed guiding materials, but no actual guide.


  • This tour is also available on a private basis, daily, for a minimum of 5 people.

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