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The Masada Package

The Masada Package - 5


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  • The Masada Package - 2
  • The Masada Package - 1


  • Entrance to Masada Site
  • Round trip with cable car
  • Entrance to Dead Sea beach
  • Self-served 3 course lunch (for Premium Package only)
  • Visit/ Shop at Masada complex stores



Spend an unforgettable day seeing the fascinating archaeological remains of where Zealots made their last stand against the Romans before committing mass suicide in 73 AD. See some great views as you climb to the top of the mountain by cable car, and once there, tour around Herod the Great's twin palaces, the inhabitants' homes, bathhouse, synagogue, a Byzantine church, and storehouses. 


Marvel at the detail and painstaking effort that has gone into this restoration before you descend by cable car. For lunch enjoy a delicious locally cooked 3 course meal at the Masada restaurant, with a range of salads, meats, fish and vegetarian options (for premium package only). 


After lunch its time to go nearby to a private Dead Sea beach for "floating" in the Dead Sea , where the natural salinity of the water makes it impossible to sink. Sunbathe on the salt beaches and cover yourself with the world famous mineral mud found only in the Dead Sea. 


IN 2001, Masada National Park was granted the status of a World Heritage site, considering it a symbol of the ancient kingdom of Israel , as well as its violent destruction and its prominence as the last stand of Jewish patriots in the face of the Roman army. Since 2000, the site houses a new visitor center which is located on Masada's eastern side. Offering the highest standards of facilities & amenities, it is the most visited site in Israel for the third year running, and likely for many more to come. 


A newly designed cable car system purchased from Switzerland has been installed to reach the top of the mountain the "easy" way, and to be enthralled by the panoramic view of the surrounding region on the way up and down. Don't miss the Snake path and the siege ramp, which were the ways the fortress was accessed in ancient times and are still an attraction for hikers. The new visitor center has been redesigned to offer ample space for private events. 


Enjoy a visit to the Dead Sea whose mud and minerals are well known for their theraputic qualities. The Masada Package offers a deal that includes access to the best Dead Sea beaches around, with a full range of facilities & services including spa services, locker rooms, showers, convenience stores and restrooms. 


Please present your voucher at the help desk centre which is located at the Convenience Store - 1st floor level, just past the NPA ticket desks.  


You entrance ticket includes:


  • Entrance to Masada Site


  • Round trip with cable car


  • Entrance to Dead Sea beach
  • Self-served 3 course lunch for the Premium Package only


  • Visit Shop at Masada complex stores


Not included:

  • Towels at the Dead Sea Beach
  • Entrance to Qumran or Masada Museum
  • Transportation to Masada/Dead Sea beach
  • Lunch in the Basic Package
  • No transportation is included in this product


Massada National Park & Cable Car
Opening Hours:

Apr-Sep: 8am-5pm
Oct-Mar: 8am-4pm

Additional information

Choose between the Premium Package (including lunch) or the Basic Package (excluding lunch).

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