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jerusalem old & new day tour

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  • Full day Jerusalem Tour
  • Panoramic vista of Jerusalem
  • Walking Tour of the Old City Jerusalem
  • See the Kotel - the Wailing/Western Wall
  • Walk along the Via Dolorosa
  • Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  • Spend the afternoon at the Yad Vashem - Holocaust Museum


The tour begins with a sweeping vista of Jerusalem, allowing participants to see laid out before them the hallowed monuments of ancient Jerusalem and the vibrant bustle of the modern city. You'll then embark on a walking tour of the Old City, including: 


  • Mount Zion, focal point of exilic Jewish yearning and resting place of King David
  • The Cardo, the remnant of the main thoroughfare of Roman Jerusalem, currently a ritzy shopping center
  • The Via Dolorosa, the "Sorrowful Way," the path of Jesus' last walk through Jerusalem between sentencing and crucifixion, with stops at each of the fourteen Stations of the Cross
  • The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the ancient and labyrinthine church built over the tomb of Jesus, split between monks of the various Catholic and Orthodox sects of the Christian faith
  • The Western Wall, or Kotel, the last remnant of the Second Temple, regarded as the holiest prayer site in the Jewish faith


In the afternoon, the group will visit Yad Vashem, the official state Holocaust museum, a harrowing, emotional but ultimately enlightening journey through the Nazi genocide of the Jews of Europe.

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