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Events in Jerusalem

Children's Weekend at Hama'abada

Children's Weekend at Hama'abada at 14.05.2010

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Friday may 14th

Hama'abada presents "Children's Weekend": two children's performances.


Clowns in Search of Meaning: May 14 at 14:00

An autobiographical, imaginative, musical play. After the circus for which they worked closes, two clowns, Shlutz and Kretch must get serious about life and find another profession. Equipped with an accordion, suitcase, and chair, they set out on a search for their new destiny, on a jester's journey in which they meet all sorts of interesting characters.


35-40 NIS


Kumkum Group: The End is Not Important: May 15 at 11:00

There once was a theatre on wheels with a magician who was quick with his hands, a parable telling fox, and a singing and dancing bird. Day after day they wandered, each day stopping in a different place to perform, but for some reason their performance didn't always end successfully. You, the audience, will be their audience this time, and get to see what goes on behind the scenes.

30-40 NIS.

Open Hours

May 14 at 14:00, May 15 at 11:00


Hebron St. 28


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